Quaich Bar

The Quaich, founded in 1893, is the world’s leading whisky bar. It houses over 900 single-malt whiskies from across the globe.

The Quaich bar’s collection which was contributed to by renowned whisky and spirits writer, Dave Broom; author of The World Atlas of Whisky and Whisky: The Manual. It is not only significant in size, but also one of the most interesting in terms of profile. It has sought out the most unique and rare whiskies, some of which are exclusive to the Craigellachie and all of which can be sampled by the glass.

Lyndsey Gray, the manager at the Quaich, is a recognised expert in the world of whisky. Lyndsey is as happy to educate beginners, as she is to guide connoisseurs to new discoveries. Lyndsey creates our best whisky cocktails in the hotel – from Sours, Manhattans to a proper Old Fashioned. Whilst the Quaich is the authority on single malt whiskies, we recognise that taste is subjective. Our bartenders will help you to drink whisky in the way that suits your individual palate whether it be alone, with water, ice or in a classic cocktail.

All furniture in the Quaich has been handcrafted by British craftsmen, Soane. The bar itself is lined with a silver band, designed by the iconic jeweler Stephen Webster and produced by Hamilton & Inches, Silversmith’s to Her Majesty the Queen.

Quaich: is a traditional, shallow and two-handled Scottish cup renowned for the drinking of whisky. The word means ‘cup of friendship’ and is derived from the Gaelic word ‘cuach’ meaning cup. It is used to toast special occasions such as arrivals, departures and weddings and can be offered as a special gift. In 1589, King James VI of Scotland gave Anne of Denmark a quaich as a wedding gift.

The Quaich is open from Tuesday – Saturday from 5pm till late. A traditional Scottish punch, taken from 18th and 19th century recipes, is served on Friday and Saturday evenings in the Quaich from 6 to 7.30pm. The Quaich can hold private whisky tastings events or can organise tastings on site at the distilleries. Please email reservations@craigellachiehotel.co.uk for details.